Plato's Vision

The original Platonic Academy aimed at fostering no less than the love of wisdom, or philosophy, in the Hellenic world's greatest leaders and thinkers.

Searching for Kings

Who wore last Croatian royal crown? Zvonimir? Hungarian monarchs? Follow us as we find out, or better: join us and win $175,000!

Ancient Laws, Modern Times

A discussion-based class on Plato's Laws taught in English by a trained teacher from St. John's College. 10 books of the Laws over the course of 5 weeks, in 2 2-hour sessions per week, we intend to discuss its possible application to modern Europe. The class will contain 12-20 students.

The course will be held at the Kraljevska Akademija at Grič. It will be held every Monday and Thursday from 7.30pm-9.30pm for five weeks beginning April 22nd and ending May 23rd.


The Academy seeks wisdom and attempts to aid those who seek wisdom. It is not the platform for any philosophy but a place where philosophy goes on. It is a State-recognized institution in Croatia under article 1,2.i3 of the Institutions Act, legally registered under OID number is 36228656428 with the potential to grant doctoral degrees.

The legal, visible Academy is barely visible. It consists of members, property, dialogue, and the simple love of wisdom. It does not even have students in the traditional sense, being a research center. Its motto is: “To harbor the love of wisdom.” Multitudo sapientium sanitas orbis. Wisdom heals.