Grič is one of Croatia’s most famous addresses.

Indeed, The Witch of Grič is the title a popular cycle of novels by the female Croatian

writer Marija Jurić Zagorka.  The Royal Akademy is situated in Gornji Grad, overlooking the

beautiful Austro-Hungarian architecture of the millenium-old Zagreb.  Over 1,100,000 people

live in Zagreb, endowing the capital city with about a full quarter of the Croatian population.

The air and water are fresh, as the city is located at the foothills of an extensive mountain range.

The friendly citizens make delicious and filling debrecener sausages, goulash, mlinci and wiener

schnitzel.  Not to mention pastries that would make even a French baker do a double take.




It would seem, with its neighboring park, the nearby easy-going urban culture, and the several

beautiful pedestrian walkways, that the Royal Akademy is so located as to give Plato himself a small smile.