1. Constitution Project



A more perfect Union of European States.



To provoke thought about local and federal constitutions.



To provide free and easy access to the US Constitution by 2014.



1. Translate the US Constitution into Croatian.

2. Explain the translation with reference to modern Europe.

3. Distribute 100,000 copies of the translation to key leaders.

4. Support the translation with a website and conferences.


The United States of America is the oldest nation on the planet, from one point of view.  For two and a quarter centuries it has continuously operated under its original constitution.  The Constitution Project asks why.  What has given the US Constitution such stability and durability over the past two centuries?  How can Europe benefit from a closer examination of the document?

In particular, might familiarity with a western exemplar help Croatia to move away from communistic thinking in government and business?  We believe so, and therefore intend to distribute the translation of the US Constitution by Ivan Gašpar and JS Renfro to key political and economic leaders in Croatia, as well as to the next generation of Croatians.

To its 151 Saborites, 127 city mayors, to its 30 ministers and their offices, to judges, lawyers, academics, members of Pan-Europa and Le Mouvement européen, to thousands of heads of business and to each and every Croatian 11th-grader.  All free of charge.

We intend to provide a brief commentary to help the reader locate the US Constitution historically and intellectually.  Reference will be made to The Federalist, especially papers 10 and 51, to Plato (via Montesqieu’s reference of Polybius), to theories about what constitutes a natural-state and to how modern Europe might begin moving itself toward a more perfect Union.  The commentary will attempt to explain key ideas such as dual sovereignty, the separation of powers, the Connecticut Compromise, federal vs. national, amending vs. changing, and the political and legal sovereignty of the People.

It is possible we may lecture as well in various venues.


Project Directors: JS Renfro—Ivan Gašpar