2. Leadership Education



A body of educated, philosophical European leaders with long views.



To protect against domestic convulsions within Europe and foreign wars.



100-500 Croatian leaders and 10-50 world leaders from 2014-2022.



Educate using a set curriculum, western classics, and incessant dialogue.


Explain to the media the need for deeper, longer-lasting solutions.


Distribute our leaders to locations where they will make a difference.


Support them and Europe with uplifting education and services.


Leadership is about learning: learning how to use two hands.  With one hand, leaders create and communicate a truthful and uplifting vision and mission.  With the other hand, they formulate and accomplish quantifiable goals whose steps are timed tasks.  Borna Bebek, Ph.D. from the London School of Economics, renowned leadership expert and author, has developed a set curriculum, Integrative Leadership, based on deeply western principles (from Plato) that all parties and peoples can agree upon.  A leader plays four elemental roles: spiritual – civic, volitional – decision maker, mental – researcher, implementational – operative.

In part, the education contains modules of “flight hours,” composed of audio-visual interaction, workshops, dialogues and presentations.  Every pilot needs so many flight hours before taking responsibility for a Boeing 747.  But also, leadership and education is a deeply personal and even spiritual endeavor.  Close interaction with excellent leaders and with the West’s greatest thinkers will acquaint budding leaders with some of the profound sources of western excellence, helping them to tap into those sources themselves.

In addition to training leaders, the program intends to help businesses and government accomplish uplifting projects.  For example, it will help write and complete the organizational constitution for Croatian Railways; deliver diplomas to employees of Croatia National Insurance; continue to execute an already in-place educational program for German Bank executives.  In short, it will attempt to spend its resources wisely in small ways that make a lasting difference.

By distributing philosophically-minded leaders around Europe and Croatia, we believe that the impact for the benefit of the West will be greater than with other more quantifiable projects that cost the same amount of resources.  Here the West is getting a lot of bang for its buck.


Project Directors: Borna Bebek—Dražen Horvat